Tulln an der Donau

Last weekend we took part in the international cat show in Tulln, Austria. We exhibited our cats IC Dorian Nalim, CZ and IC Amore Mio

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Rainbow kittens

Last Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 5 kittens were born to our cat Easyne of Last Hope, CZ. The father is our cat IC Amore Mio

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Yesterday, Monday, a new member of the household arrived from Poland, the blue cat Jolene Luludi*PL. She is 5 months old, pretty fair and has

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We founded the British Shorthair cattery in 2014 with the acquisition of Charlotte. Then in 2017 we got a male Baskin Robbins of Banbur from St. Petersburg. After that we bought other cats from abroad and from the Czech Republic. With them we regularly visit international cat shows in our country and abroad. Baskin achieved the title of international champion GIC and is our pride. We expect to gradually rely on our own breeding and try to breed cinnamon kittens. Our animals have all the care, good food and good conditions. They grow up in human company, so they are well socialized.


Our motto

The hand of the creator…

The hand of the Creator is the hand that calms the cat in labor…
It’s the hand that caresses the belly to soothe the contractions…
The hand of the maker is the hand that clears the way for kittens to be born easily…
It is the hand that does not shake and is under the blood to help kittens in need.
The maker’s hand is the hand that breaks the kitten’s sack if it is not broken at birth…
It is the hand that helps rub and clean kittens and helps them breathe.
The maker’s hand is the one that tries to revive the kitten, but sometimes has to give up when there is no heartbeat.
The hand of the maker is the hand that cuts the umbilical cord when the mother won’t…
Also, the hand of the maker is the one who weighs the kitten every day to check if everything is okay.
The hand of the maker is the hand that brings the kitten much closer to the mother while the mother looks on with trust…
The hand that lubricates the breast to activate the mother’s milk…
The hand of the maker is the one that rubs his eyes and fights fatigue and sleeps after sleepless days.
It is the hand that hands out bottles of milk day and night when there is very little power.
The hand of the maker is the one that brings a lost kitten back to its mother, the one that plays with kittens for socialization, the one that teaches a kitten to change to solid food.
The hand of the maker is the hand that watches over the little ones when they are not well
The maker’s hand is the hand you entrust to your future kitten and hope it turns out well.
The hand of the maker is the hand that is ready day and night to answer all your questions if you are in doubt about anything.
For all of these and more, the next time you shake the hand of the maker, think of all that the hand has lovingly created.

I love my work.





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