On the night of 5/2/2023, 5 kittens were born to our Easyne of Last Hope. They are 2 blue female cats and a blue male and one fawn male and one female. The father is our cinnamon Amore Mio of Last Hope. We wish them luck and everyone have a nice spring.


On Saturday we brought from Zlin new blue male Dorian Nalim, CZ. He is only 9 months old, but he has already had success at shows. He is already getting to know us and it is obvious that he will be very sociable. We will continue with him at shows, he will definitely like it.


Last weekend we took part in the international cat show in Prague on Černý most. We presented Amorka Mio of Last Hope and in kittens R Victoria Love Me Dobrij. Viktorka got both days Ex1 and nomination, Amorek got both days CAC and on Sunday nomination. Petra Polívková, who is the new owner of our […]